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Cranberry Joy, Body Butter, Bath & Body Works

Cranberry Joy Body Butter, The Body Shop

There is no Holiday Season without the iconic Cranberry Joy line of body care products from The Body Shop. One of the most popular product in this line is a Cranberry Joy Body Butter, a limited edition festive rich moisturizer that is produced once a year, just in time for the start of the Holiday […] Read more…

Passion Fruit Body Butter, The Body Shop

Passion Fruit Body Butter, The Body Shop

The Body Shop Body Butters are great moisturizers that come in a variety of amazing scents, of which Passion Fruit, a new and fresh fruity scent, is one of my favorites. The scent resembles fresh berry scent. To me, the Passion Fruit Body Butter smells like blueberries. The purple color of the body butter enhances […] Read more…

Brazil Nut, Body Butter, The Body Shop

Brazil Nut Body Butter, The Body Shop

Everybody loves The Body Shop body butters for their rich texture and moisturizing power and a great variety of scents designed to satisfy almost all different tastes. The Brazil Nut Body Butter is all what you can expect from The Body Shop body butter. You can test the thickness of its texture by opening the […] Read more…