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Korres Guava Shower Gel

Korres Guava Shower Gel

Korres shower gels are well-known for their hydrating and long lasting moisturizing ingredients that nourish, lock the moisture and help to maintain the natural moisture level of the skin. Their cream to foam consistency and amazing scents transform a mundane shower into a truly luxurious experience. One of my most favorite showergels in the group […] Read more…

Korres, Japanese Rose Shower Gel

Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel

As an addition to my rose scented body care routine, I recently purchased Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel, which promised a world of pampering experience with its velvet feel and the sweet scent of rose buds. Let me begin with the scent of this product… This shower gel has a very sweet, almost candy-like, scent. […] Read more…

Have a Lovely Rose Morning

Have a Lovely Rose Morning!

Mixing different scents and personal care products in your daily routine is always fun. What could be more exciting than using your imagination and creativity to layer one scent on top of another and creating an enigmatic aura that is uniquely you? However, today I would like to focus on celebrating one scent. Let’s have […] Read more…