L’Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

L’Occitane’s Divine line of skin care products has won a fame of best anti-aging products thanks to the high ranking and great reviews in “The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible”, a natural beauty book by Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley. Very intrigued by the high praises given to L’Occitane’s Divine and Immortelle lines, I’ve been thinking about giving it a try for quite a while. Just in time for the holiday season, when most brands release their gift sets and value sets, I came across a perfect set that includes a perfect selection of most popular Divine and Immortelle products, the L’Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

L'Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

First of all, the packaging is beautiful and ready for gift giving. The golden box fastened with the blue ribbon looks luxurious and presentable. The set has all the products you need for the skin care ritual, morning or night. The main ingredient that is part of all products in this collection is the everlasting immortelle flower, that has been known for its skin rejuvenating qualities. Also, since L’Occitane brand is famous for its natural skincare and bodycare products, the anti-aging and skin rejuvenating effects in conjunction with natural ingredients take these products and the entire collection on even a more esteemed level.

L'Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

After using these products as part of morning skin care routine, I’ve notices a more supple and hydrated looking skin. I did not see major improvement in terms of wrinkles, but overall, the skintone became very healthy and radiant. Even on the days, when I did not get enough sleep, I received compliments for a glowing appearance. But do not misread me: I am strongly convinced that getting enough sleep is more important for the skin and cell rejuvenation than all skincare in the world, however, I also believe that if the skincare products are responsible for some miracles, then they are definitely worth the price.

L'Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set includes the following products:

  • Divine Cream – 1.7 .oz
  • Divine Eyes – 0.50 .oz
  • Divine Lotion – 1.7 fl.oz
  • Precious Cleansing Foam – 5.1 fl.oz

If you ever intend buying this set, I would recommend purchasing separately the following products that would make it exceptionally complete:

  • Divine Extract – 1 fl.oz
  • Divine Oil – 1 fl.oz

L'Occitane The Ultimate Gift of Youth Set

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