Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer, Lush Cosmetics

I need to tell you from the start, I am absolutely addicted to the scent of the Gorgeous facial moisturizer from Lush Cosmetics. The scent is nothing fancy, and I would not be able to describe it using such words as luxurious, exquisite or alluring. But this simple and unpretentious scent takes me back to my childhood and my grandma’s simple beauty routine and her linen closet full of inexpensive soaps that smelled exactly like that. To me this is a scent associated with effortless freshness and cleanliness, my grandma’s soft hands and clothes that smelled of air and that soap.

Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer, LUSH

When I apply Gorgeous moisturizer to my face and neck, I cannot help but breath and breath and breath in the heavenly aroma of this product that does not fade away on application, but stays with me for at least the next half an hours. I need to say that because of the rich texture of this moisturizer, I normally use it as part of my evening skin care routine and apply a rather thick layer of it not only on my face but also around the eye area. It does not irritate the delicate skin of the eye area, and the morning after results are simply amazing – the tiny mimic wrinkles seem to simply vanish. I believe this is because the combined power of olive, avocado and coconut oils included in the product allow it to deeply penetrate the skin and to see the immediate results.

Because of the product’s rich texture and also the way I use it, by applying a rather thick layer, I prefer to use the Gorgeous skin moisturizer in the evenings and, for the best effect, after a shower when my pores are clean and open. Also, I use it only if my evening shower is no less than two hours prior to bedtime, to ensure that the product will soak in completely before my face touches the pillow. The small jar of the product, though quite expensive, goes a long way, because even if applying generously, like I do, you only need a small amount of it. I am going through my second jar of Gorgeous and have to confess that although I have other night creams and moisturizes, I can’t help but reach out for this particular moisturizer most of the time.

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