Black Rose Precious Face Oil from Sisley Paris

After I returned back from my vacation in Mexico, I noticed that my skin was dry, rough and bumpy despite the fact that I tried not to expose myself to the sun, used sunscreen and sun repair face products from La Mer while on vacation and different exfoliators and restorative face masks upon my return. It has been 3 weeks and my skin still looked dry, thick and damaged. I was really frustrated when I passed by Sisley Cosmetics counter on my way through the Bloomingdale’s and into the mall, and I thought, knowing and loving the skincare products from this brand, I should give it a try to help me restore my skin to normal. I got the entire day and night care routine product array, my long term favorites that I love and used for years, and then and my eye fell on the new product they’ve been adverting there, a Black Rose Precious Face Oil. This was the first time I saw Sisley come up with a face oil. Introduced as a skin care oil for dry or mature skin, Black Rose Precious Face Oil was packed with active ingredients.

Black Rose Precious Face Oil from Sisley Paris

I decided to give it a try and got a bottle. After only a week (I was using it only as part of my evening skin care routine), I saw my skin getting smoother and moisturized. The dry, rough and bumpy skin was replaced with smooth, soft and even. I have noticed that using this silky-smooth dry oil instead of a serum at night helped to prepare and nourish the skin with an anti-aging effect. The active ingredients of the Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil include Omega 3 and 6, which help to prepare the skin to receive its skin care. The Black Rose Precious Face Oil provides the essential elements for the skin’s vitality and youthfulness with its powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients that nourish, regenerate and protect. These include padina pavonica, unsaponifiables of avocado and natural tocopherols. Plum and camelina oils maintain the lipid balance of the epidermis.

The name of the oil suggests the rose scented product, however, I want to disappoint rose scent lovers – it does not smell like roses. In fact, it is almost not scented at all. The Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil has a very subtle floral scent that is neither suggestive of any prevailing ingredient, nor overpowering. The Black Rose extract that lies at the heart of the formula does not lend any scent, but only a wonderful silky softness to the skin. It is combined with essential oils of Bulgarian rose and magnolia, which have toning and soothing properties for a delicious awakening of the senses. After using this oil for just one week I have noticed that the tiny wrinkles and fine lines that I had got much smoother; the skin looked and felt revitalizes, with a radiant complexion as a result. as compared with Lotus Oil from Clarins that I used before and liked the results, the Black Rose Precious Face Oil is a much more powerful product in that it allows to see the immediate and long lasing results and most importantly helps to revitalize the skin that was exposed to sun, pool and ocean water.

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