Angels on Bare Skin Face Deep Cleanser, Lush Cosmetics

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Angels on Bare Skin Face kaolin based deep cleanser from Lush Cosmetics has been my favorite more over a year. I cannot say that I’ve been using exclusively this cleanser, but it has been at the front row of my skin care shelf. The promised lavender ingredient does not present itself as an overpowering or straight-forward scent, but mixed with delicate almond and rose absolute, it is rather subtle and fresh.

Angels on Bare Skin, LUSH

The texture is very unusual for a conventional face cleanser, and is made of kaolin clay mixed with finely ground almonds and lavender flowers. However, on application, when you take and almond size chunk and rub it against your slightly wet face, it feels like a gentle defoliator and does not irritate skin, thanks to the lavender oil and rose absolute oil that are part of this product. The skin feels deep cleansed, smooth and fresh afterwards.

I’ve been using Angels on Bare Skin deep cleanser as part of my morning face care routine, when I normally exfoliate my face. I prefer to clean the face in the evenings (with wipes, eye makeup remover, and creamy or foamy cleanser) and deeply exfoliate in the mornings, after a good night sleep during which the skin cell renewal processes takes place. So, I consider mornings to be an ideal time to lift and remove those dead cells and create a smooth canvas for a new make-up application. So far, Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser proved to do an excellent job ensuring that.

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