Wear Nothing But Aubade: Le Parfum! New

Wear Nothing but Aubade! Very exciting news from the French lingerie company Aubade, introducing its new perfume and body lotion collection.


The name Aubade was inspired by courtly love in reference to an early-morning serenade in French, ringing out as a promise of charm and emotion. For almost 70 years, Aubade has built an intimate relationship with its most esteemed consumer, a woman, to share their most intimate secrets throughout their lives, reflecting the story of their place in society. It subtly embraces a seduction-centered philosophy, the art of loving à la française, in a flirtatious harmony of notes, joined together to celebrate pleasure, her love, her relationship and herself. With Le Parfum Aubade is entering a totally new realm of fragrance making. The new scent depicts Aubade’s vision of feminine charm being spiced up with light-hearted innuendo that is both saucy and spiritual.

Aubade, Le Parfum

This Fall 2013, Aubade reveals its new weapon of seduction: Aubade, Le Parfum. An obvious, long-desired move, befitting a lingerie benchmark-setter, perfectly illustrating what the French romantically term l’éternel féminin, that je ne sais quoi that stirs the senses and makes men swoon. Aubade chose to entrust the creation of its perfumes to Empire of Scents, a company that worked for major names in the world of perfume, including Jean-Louis Scherrer, Pierre Balmain and Montana.

Aubade, Le Parfum


The honor of creating Aubade’s first ever perfume has been given to Delphine Jelk, Drom Fragances perfumer. She trained at the Paris fashion school Esmod, then the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, so her vision has been shaped by both fragrance and fashion. Having embarked on her out-of-the-ordinary career with the creation of her own men’s ready-to-wear brand, using her favorite fabrics, linen and cashmere, for fragrance, she was obviously the ideal person to create Aubade’s perfume.


Delphine has come up with an olfactory experience imbued with sensual romance. “I was taken with the suggestiveness of lingerie,” she explained. “The desire for perfume worn right against the skin seemed a given. An intimate, enveloping perfume, to be worn against your skin to achieve its full effect.” Working along these lines, Delphine crafted Aubade, le Parfum as a fragrance geared around powdery floral musk.

TOP NOTES: a mouth-watering sweet almond, spiced up with clove.

HEART NOTES: a bouquet of freesia, lily of the valley, rose, peony, heliotrope and violet. A sophisticated
prelude to

BASE NOTES: a triptych of vanilla, cedar wood and musk.

Rather than a heady philter evoking a cozy boudoir, this Eau de Parfum radiates simplicity, sophistication and elegance. It exudes offhandedly understated, natural chic that you unthinkingly make your own. Just like shrugging on prettily embroidered intimates to let your body’s beauty shine right through. As a distillation of pure emotion, Aubade, Le Parfum is to be worn right against the skin.

The perfume is accompanied by a body lotion to provide an additional sensation of well-being, to experience having sexy skin that’s inviting, soft and smooth.


The bottle for Aubade, le Parfum, imagined by designer Stéphane Ganneau, draws its inspiration from shapely cleavage, curvaceous hips, the swooping small of the back, an hourglass waistline.
Inviting your caress, it suggests and stirs desire, without yielding its all. The smoked yet see-through satin-finish glass features a pleating effect reminiscent of the daintiest of silks, subtly encasing cleavage adorned with an Aubade tattoo. It plays at “now you see it, now you don’t”, just like lingerie.

The lacquered lid looks just like an upturned stiletto heel. Yet another accessory oozing sex appeal, that’s been turned upside down. Making for double entendre in classic Aubade style, presented in a jet-black box with lacy printing in keeping with the bottle’s lines.

Aubade, Le Parfum


With its black curves and white lettering, the Aubade, le Parfum bottle puts a new twist on those super-sleek Lessons in Seduction, also in black & white. A knowing wink that quite naturally crops up in the advertising campaign, with an image and slogan in keeping with the saga of the legendary Lessons.
Aubade, le Parfum thus stars in Lesson in Seduction No. 145.

As ever, the Lesson showcases a gorgeous figure with natural skin texture, a portrait that does full justice to feminine curves, without showing her face. As ever, the sensuality of Aubade woman is tongue in cheek, with a message imbued with suggestive allusion, to share a smile with her lover. And the lesson dispensed? Get him on the scent! A tempting elixir, Aubade, Le Parfum is but the first episode in an olfactory adventure. The new perfume is scheduled for release in mid-late November!

Aubade, Le Parfum

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