Nail Polish Review: “Red Silk Boxers” nail shade from Deborah Lippmann

When I discovered a new nail polish shade called “Red Silk Boxers” from Deborah Lippmann, I got very excited about trying it on, because the description, images and brief reviews promised a very unusual texture, called “matteen” or silk like finish, which is a combination of the already so popular matte finish with a hint of shimmer. As briefly introduced during Fall 2013 Fashion Week, the “Red Silk Boxes” is a new limited edition nail shade that is part of holiday collection.

The collection will supposedly hit Sephora and major department stores sometimes in November, and will include 3 limited edition shades, one of which is also called “Pseudo Silk Kimono. I was not able to get hold of the “Pseudo Silk Kimono” nail polish, because is not available for sale anywhere yet. However, I did find the “Red Silk Boxers” shade at Deborah Lippmann’s website.

The “Red Silk Boxers” nail polish looked exactly as promised – very pretty shade of deep crimson red, the color looks very balanced (not screaming at you, but yet very noticeable) and elegant on. I applied the nail polish myself, after buffing the nails as per Deborah Lippmann’s YouTube videos and applying the “Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-In-1-Treatment”. I did not have the Deborah Lippmann base coat, but I believe, Sally Hansen’s Base Coat works just the same if (some might agree) not much better.

Then, I applied 2 coats of “Red Silk Boxers” nail polish. It was interesting to notice that on application it looked shiny just as any regular nail polish, but within 5 seconds it would turn matteen. I also noticed that this this shade requires a very experienced, fast and precise application, which means if you want to brush over a spot that you think came out a little thinner or uneven right away, meaning within less than a second, you cannot do that because it ruins the texture. You’d need to wait until it slightly dries and then apply a second coat to fix the look.

After I applied the two coats of nail polish, I realized that I do not have a top coat for it, because all the top coats I have are glossy and very glossy, which means if applied over the “Red Silk Boxers” would defeat the entire purpose of matteen or silk finish effect. I called Deborah Lippmann customer service to get their advice on the top coat that would perfectly complement this shade and the answer as “Flat Top” Base Coat. I did not buy it yet, but was a tiny bit skeptical about that, since Flat Top is supposed to give it the matte finish. What is it going to do with matteen finish, take it down to matte? Hmm… I will need to further look into that. Maybe try it in a store before I buy it? I am not a big fan of matte finishes, no matter how popular they are, so I am not ready to commit (buy) to it, unless I am absolutely sure that it pairs with matteen finish well.

Aside from that, I loved the new shade! … for less than 12 hours. I applied it in the evening and admired it for 2 hours before going to bed. In the morning I had to prepare breakfast for my family: nothing special that required extensive exposure to water – scrambled eggs with bacon, turkey, green peas and tomatoes. After the breakfast was on the table, I looked at my nails, the nail polish was chipped off of the tip of almost every nail. What a bummer! It did not last through simple cooking. What will happen in the shower? After the shower, it was chipped even more. I got really disappointed. Such a beautiful but not lasting nail color.

I will still keep it, but if I want to wear it everyday, I will need to re-apply it at least 2 times a day to preserve a decent look, which is a time-consuming inconvenience, which I can deal with only on the weekends or holidays.

So, I am giving the “Red Silk Boxers” from Deborah Lippmann a 6 out of 10. If you had a similar or totally different experience with this shade, please comment below.

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