Mac Cosmetics Nail Transformations Top Coats

Mac Cosmetics Nail Transformations is a new way to refresh your nail polish collection by adding an infinite number of new and unique looks. The 5 new transformative top coats are designed to add pearlescent glow, dimension and even texture to any matte color that you like. The Mac Nail Transformations product range includes:

MAC Nail Transformations Top Coats

Pink Pearl Top Coat (amazing semi-transparent top coat that adds a subtle pink pearlized sheen to any color; my personal favorite so far);

Gold Pearl Top Coat (elegant semi-transparent top coat that adds deep golden pearlescent glow to any nail color; I have noticed that when applying this top coat you have to be very careful to apply the same amount of polish to every nail, otherwise, some nails will end up looking more golden than others; for instance, this is not the case with Pink Pearl Nail Polish);

Green Pearl Top Coat (this perfect for summer semi-transparent top coat adds a nautical charm to any nail color making the most dull and flat matte look like it just got a sea splash upgrade; I love this top coat and used it with light and deeper hued nudes).

Highlight Top Coat (adds a pearlescent blue finish to your nail color; I noticed that it also helps the color remain fresh for several days);

Texturize Top Coat (if you like a leather textured nail polishes, then you can make any of your most favorite nail colors look like it has got a leather texture upgrade; I am not a big fan of rough nail polish surfaces, so I skipped that one in the store).

The overall quality of these new top coats is satisfactory: they don’t prolong the life of your nail polish, but at the same time don’t make them chip off faster as well. On the innovative side, they allow you to play with colors and textures by using nail colors that you already have in your collection and create a multitude of new and interesting finishes.

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