Inspiring Nail Color, Formula X for Sephora, The Cut, Spring 2014

I could not pass by the new nail color from Formula X for Sephora, called "Inspiring". The light turquoise shade with a pearlized or metallic sheen, what could be a more perfect nail polish for the coming summer and vacation time. A little skeptical about the Formula X (since I never liked old Sephora nail colors) and thinking that a bottle and name make-over is just another trick to lure customers to a failing product, I nonetheless decided to give it a try. The attractive and elegant turquoise shade that reminded me of Caribbean waters, the anticipation of the upcoming vacation, and the happiness at the long New York winter finally being kicked out by Summer (yes, there is no such thing as Spring in New York) – all these together worked better than any marketing campaign. The decision was made: to give a try to Sephora Formula X and the Inspiring nail color as part of its Spring 2014, The Cut Collection.

Inspiring Nail Color, Sephora, Formula X

In fact The Cut, Spring 2014 collection included 5 colors, but since I already got Coral Beach Nail Lacquer by Tom Ford, my bases for peachy pink or coral like shade were covered, which made purchasing Alive Nail Colo, for instance, not necessary. The other shades, Dynamic, Over the Top, and A Little Sexy did not appeal to me as much as Inspiring did. Plus, having been disappointed in Sephora nail polishes before, I did wanted to limit my experiment with Formula X to one shade to begin with. I was not impressed with the quality and the final results of the Inspiring Nail Color. The metallic or pearl like sheen so clearly visible in the bottle, ended up appearing more like an opaque and a little dull and flat. I’d say, it lacked the color depth and dimension. In my opinion, one coat would not do, as streaks were visible, so I applied two coats, which is not the biggest problem about this nail polish, since most of the nail lacquers by different brands look best when applied in at least two coats.

Inspiring Nail Color, Sephora, Formula X

The other colors that are part of Sephora Formula X, The Cut Spring 2014 Collection are:

  • Inspiringpearl light turquoise (my first favorite from this collection)
  • A Little Sexypearl light periwinkle (second favorite of mine from this collection, but I did not buy it)
  • Dynamiclight taupe creme
  • Over The Toplime green creme
  • Alivepeach/pink creme

Inspiring Nail Color, Sephora, Formula X

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