Deborah Lippmann 12-Piece Nail Set

Deborah Lippmann has done a wonderful job flooding pre-holiday market with beautiful nail sets, one of which is a limited edition 12-Piece Nail Set sold through HSN. Included in the set are 12 “fashion size” bottles of nail care and color items. You need to keep in mind that “fashion size” bottles are smaller than regular size bottles, but are double the size of the minis. Now, let me ask you, how many of you have used full size nail lacquers up to the bottom? That’s right, none! And this is exactly why it is better to get 12 fashion size or even mini bottles of nail care and lacquer products than to purchase 12 full size nail products separately. Also, buying this set not only saves you money, but also allows you to try different products at once.

The box contains 3 smaller size packages of 4 nail care or color products, which is quite convenient in case you want to split the set into 3 parts and give them out as separate gifts. The first row at the top of the set contains 4 nail care products:

  • .27 fl. oz. Cuticle oil
  • .27 fl. oz. Cuticle remover
  • .27 fl. oz. Gel Lab top coat – Shining Armor (clear)
  • .27 fl. oz. Gel Lab base coat – Coat of Arms (clear)

I have tried all 4 product and can tell you that I am not particularly impressed with the Cuticle Remover or Cuticle Oil, because I did not find them any more special than, for instance, Sally Hansen products, sold at the drug stores at almost 3 times less than regular size Deborah Lippmann products.

I was, however, very much impressed with the Gel Lab Top and Base coats, because they made the nail polish appear very shiny and the drying time was lightning fast. I have used these Gel Lab Top and Base Coats with Deborah Lippmann and other brand nail lacquers and in all instances, the result was impressive. The manicure looked like it was professionally done. I am very happy with these 2 product and will repurchase them again, once they are finished.

The second row contains 4 nail lacquers in classic colors:

  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Fashion (taupe, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Sarah Smile (sexy pink, sheer)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – It’s Raining Men (red, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Single Ladies (burgundy red, creme)

I have tried two colors so far, the “Single Ladies”, which I found much darker in person than on pictures and videos. I love the glamorous burgundy shade and think it is perfect for holidays, both hands and feet. However, I was really disappointed with “It’s Raining Men”. To me this red is not classy at all, it is orangey red and looks like very kitschy and cheap on hand nails. I will try using it on my toe nails and see if I like it there better.

Finally, the third row contains 4 nail laquers in fashion colors:

  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Mermaid’s Dream (seafoam splendor, glittered shimmer)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Groove is in the Heart (flamingo pink, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – I Know What Boys Like (playful periwinkle, bluish purple, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer – Stormy Weather (edgy granite, creme)

I did not try any of these colors yet, but looking at them closer, I think all four will look great. Also, I think, the “Mermaid’s Dream” would be a perfect shade for summer.

All in all I am very happy with the organization of products and the product selection in this set and I think I will be frequently using it in the years to come. The competitive price point of this set (it was offered as Today’s Special at $39.95) made it a very attractive purchase.

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