Coral Beach Nail Lacquer, Tom Ford Beauty, Summer 2014

Tom Ford’s Summer Beauty Collection introduced a great number of summer-perfect beauty items among which Coral Beach Nail Polish is one of my most favorite ones. This nail color comes packaged in the typical Tom Ford sleek designed bottle, but with a white (instead of typical to Tom Ford beauty dark brown) caps. The color itself is amazing: it is a perfect coral color without being too pink or too gold. It is very soft and warm, but at the same time bright and deeply hues without being overboard. Described as extra-amplified gloss and shine nail lacquer, it lives up to its expectations.

Tom Ford Coral Beach Nail Laquer

I applied it over with Deborah Lippmann Base Coat and followed with one of the Mac Cosmetics Nail Transformations Top Coats (Pink Pearl Top Coat looks perfect with it; but this is optional) and then Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Top Coat, famous for its perfect shine and fastest drying time. Although I’ve also noticed that when I used two coats of nail color, one coat of Mac Nail transformation color and then applied the Hard Rock Top Coat, it did harden the top layer only, but the nail colors appeared soft on touch. So, even with the fast drying Deborah Lippmann’s top coat I had to wait for one hour for the nails to be completely dry before I could resume my normal activities.

The Tom Ford Coral Beach Nail Lacquer is a deep matte color that, in my opinion, looks great especially on tan skin. I bought it shortly before and was wearing it throughout my vacation to Mexico and noticed how gradually building up tan made this color look even more beautiful. For that reason, I recommend it to anyone with naturally tan skin or anyone with lighter skin tones who are going on vacation that involves sunbathing and getting tan. Though I don’t want to rule it out for fair skin tones completely. I think, you should discover it for yourself, definitely try it and see if you like it and if it will work for you.

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