Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set, Holiday 2013

Urban Decay fans, hold your breath, here comes the unprecedented Holiday 2013 gift set from your favorite brand. The ultimate eyeshadow collection, called “The Mother Lode
Shadow Set”
is the end to all eyeshadow palette sets ever. Dripping with luxury, this eye shadow collection is loaded with 68 Urban Decan single velvety eye shadows. Included in this set is an exclusive for this set a four-pan Build Your Own Palette, which you can use to create your own customized collection. This is so convenient, because it allows you to swap out shades whenever you feel a strike of a new make-up inspiration.

The Urban Decay created this ultimate eyeshadow extravaganza set to celebrate the relaunch of their bestselling Eyeshadow. This is definitely a collector’s set – a kit so exclusive, it will only be around for a limited time. The comprehensive set includes all Urban Decay’s shades in their full sizes, i.e. 0.05oz each. Each shadow comes as an individual pop-out compact which is convenient to store and will fit into any Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette. The collection includes all eye shadow types and textures from super smooth mattes to pearly satins, as well as shades loaded with shimmer and glitter, and gorgeous duotones that change color before your eyes.

Here’s a list of 68 eye shadows included in the set:

  • 1. Blackout (blackest black matte),
  • 2. Gunmetal (dark metallic gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 3. Bust (pale sable brown satin),
  • 4. Darkhorse (deep mocha shimmer),
  • 5. Lost (medium metallic brown shimmer),
  • 6. Snakebite (dark bronze shimmer),
  • 7. Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer),
  • 8. Tease (creamy pale brown matte),
  • 9. Stray Dog (cool metallic ash brown shimmer),
  • 10. Toasted (antique copper penny shimmer),
  • 11. Sin (champagne shimmer),
  • 12. Oil Slick (black matte w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 13. S&M (steel gray shimmer),
  • 14. Pistol (light grayish brown shimmer),
  • 15. Busted (deep brown shimmer),
  • 16. Twice Baked (rich brown satin w/gold micro-glitter),
  • 17. Secret Service (soft cool brown matte),
  • 18. Suspect (pale golden beige shimmer),
  • 19. Roach (deep metallic burgundy brown shimmer),
  • 20. Chopper (copper shimmer w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 21. Midnight Rodeo (taupe shimmer w/silver glitter),
  • 22. Scratch (rose-gold shimmer),
  • 23. Gravity (deep violet shimmer w/multicolored micro-glitter),
  • 24. Grifter (sheer lavender shimmer w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 25. Flash (bright iridescent purple shimmer),
  • 26. Rockstar (deep aubergine shimmer),
  • 27. Evidence (deep navy blue shimmer),
  • 28. Loaded (deep metallic emerald),
  • 29. Cobra (black matte w/gold micro-glitter),
  • 30. Mushroom (warm gray shimmer),
  • 31. Last Call (metallic plum shimmer),
  • 32. Woodstock (saturated deep pink shimmer),
  • 33. Fishnet (bright pink shimmer w/purple shift),
  • 34. Psychedelic Sister (deep amethyst shimmer),
  • 35. Radium (peacock blue shimmer),
  • 36. Peace (bright turquoise shimmer),
  • 37. Shattered (turquoise shimmer w/gold shift),
  • 38. Haight (mermaid blue shimmer),
  • 39. SWF (pale cotton candy pink shimmer w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 40. Bordello (pale mauve shimmer w/gold micro-glitter),
  • 41. Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer w/blue shift),
  • 42. ACDC (smoky grayish purple shimmer),
  • 43. Hijack (deep metallic teal shimmer),
  • 44. Bender (metallic forest green shimmer w/gold micro-glitter),
  • 45. Mildew (mossy green shimmer w/gold shift),
  • 46. Kush (grass green shimmer w/gold micro-glitter),
  • 47. Buck (fawn brown matte),
  • 48. Chase (bright bronze shimmer),
  • 49. Baked (rich bronze shimmer),
  • 50. X (peach shimmer w/gold shift),
  • 51. ABC Gum (pale peach matte),
  • 52. Freelove (golden vibrant peach shimmer),
  • 53. Sellout (pinky champagne shimmer),
  • 54. Virgin (cool pale beige satin),
  • 55. Foxy (cream bisque matte),
  • 56. Polyester Bride (white snow shimmer w/silver micro-glitter),
  • 57. Vanilla (golden pearl shimmer),
  • 58. YDK (cool bronze shimmer),
  • 59. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (light pink champagne shimmer w/silver glitter),
  • 60. Naked (nude matte),
  • 61. Half Baked (golden bronze shimmer),
  • 62. Blunt (light golden bronze shimmer),
  • 63. Snatch (pale peach shimmer w/gold glitter),
  • 64. Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne shimmer w/silver glitter),
  • 65. Verve (oyster shimmer),
  • 66. Midnight Cowgirl (warm sand shimmer w/multicolored glitter),
  • 67. Maui Wowie (metallic golden beige shimmer w/silver glitter)
  • 68. Zephyr (natural pearl shimmer).

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