Urban Decay, Build Your Own Palette

For those Urban Decay lovers who were able to get hold of the breathtaking “The Mother Lode Shadow Set” (myself included), the 4-pan Build Your Own Palette included in the set is great but does not allow you to carry more than 4 shades at once. I prefer to have 4 bases, 4 mediums and 4 darker highlighting shades in separate palettes, so for me, one 4-pan palette was not enough. So, I purchased the Rebound Build Your Own Palette to see how it will work with my new eyeshadows from Urban Decay. Aside from the convenience of the palette, which offers 4 spaces for your favorite Urban Decay full-size eye shadows, it is a beautiful collectible on its own. The gorgeous design is printed directly on top of the metallic case with the background left uncovered for a stylish almost three-dimensional look of the floral and swirl artwork. All 4 sides of the palette are decorated in continuous pattern, which repeats on a cardboard packaging as well.

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

The convenience of customizable Build Your Own Palette makes is a perfect travel-friendly accessory to accompany your Urban Decay eyeshadow collection. You can choose from their massive selection of nudes, vibrant mid-tone hues, and deep, dark shades to create your own unique combination. You can do what I am planning to do, group the shades by tone into different palettes, or group them by looks – all shades to create a certain look in one compact. Then, whenever you feel like you want to explore other shades, you can simply swap out all four and have a totally new palette in your hands. Also, the beautiful artwork of this Build Your Own Palette is a limited edition design that will only be available for a short time, so I highly recommend not to wait and get yours while you still can. I am giving this palette a 10 out of 10 stars for its convenience to use, durable materials and beautiful artwork. I only wish that it came in a 6 or even 12 pan palette versions as well.

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