Top Ford Lip Shimmer in Solar Gold, Summer 2014

It is true that during the recent years sheer lipsticks and lip glosses have taken over conventional thick coverage matte lipsticks in popularity. Starting with brands like Chanel with its ever so popular Rouge Coco Shine and Yves Saint Laurent with its extravagantly packaged Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick line, both high end and pharmacy make-up brands offer a great variety of sheer lipsticks designed to help you create that healthy and most importantly effortless shine on your lips that is part of those natural make-up looks. The new Tom Ford Summer 2014 collection is not an exception, in that it offers two Lip Shimmers, sheer lipsticks, in amazing summery shades: the neutral Moonlight that you can wear both on its own and over another lipstick and my favorite, the Solar Gold.

Tom Ford Lip Shimmer in Solar Gold

Starting with a sleek and classy looking ivory and gold colored heavy Tom Ford case, and such unique details as the domes bullet shape of the lipstick and the TF etching on the lipstick itself, and ending with the feel of the product on the lips and almost three-dimensional shine which complements careless beachy summer look, all these tell about the well-thought through design and work invested by the brand in creating an outstanding product. I did not experiment much with my Lip Shimmer in Solar Gold yet, enjoying this product on its own. I did take some time to exfoliate the lips before applying the Lip Shimmer and enjoyed the natural glimmering effect of this shade on the lips. It does look pretty sheer, so I guess if swept over a regular lipstick, it would add a radiant shimmer to any shade, nude or vivid alike.

I also noticed that unlike other sheer lipsticks, the Tom Ford Lip Shimmer lasts longer. Also, another problem that I regularly experience in summer is that my lips tend to over dry due to hot weather and sun. So, no matter how much I try to protect myself from sun exposure, I noticed that my lips get more dry and flaky and I exfoliate them more often in Summer and Winter than in Spring and Fall. However, since I started using the Tom Ford Lip Shimmer, I could see the difference: the lips stay soft throughout the day, even if I reapply the lipstick only once. As I found out, this is because the Lip Shimmer lipsticks are infused with Vitamins C and E and Shea Butter. I will definitely look forward to adding more Tom Ford Lip Shines to my collection, as they hit the market.

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