Tom Ford 05 Bronzer Brush

Who would not want to own Tom Ford brushes as part of their makeup collection? One of my most recent acquisitions is the luxurious Tom Ford 05 Bronzer Brush, featuring cream-colored dense and thick natural bristle that is quite wide and flared at the top to ensure the convenience of bronzer application. The dome-shaped bristle has a layered construction, with the longer hair in the middle, which gradually get shorter towards the outer edge. The natural hair of the bristle ensures a very smooth and seamless glide against the skin, which gives precision and control over the intensity and depth of color when applying your favorite bronzer. It would be quite accurate to state that the Bronzer Brush is the biggest one among the Tom Ford brushes, with a total length of 6.7 inches or 17 centimeters.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

The dark brown lacquered handle has a brand name (Tom Ford) and brush number (05) etched in gold. The flat-bottomed handle is well-made and feels heavy and thick, measuring 21mm in diameter. The bristle dimensions are 45mm (length), 50mm (width), and 30mm (thickness). The golden metal ferrule is pinched at the top to secure the bristle in place. The Bonzer Brush resembles the look and feel of the two other Tom Ford Brushes, the Cream Foundation Brush (02) (smallest of the three) and the Cheek Brush (06) (middle sized one). Ideally, I would use it with Tom Ford over-sized bronzer, which I do not have just yet, but I tried it with my Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compactt, which is quite large in size and was very impressed with the results. I have noticed more precision and even blending as compare with other brushes. The quality and craftsmanship of this brush allows me to place it along the Hakuhodo brushes in my collection, and in comparison with other designer make-up brushes, such as Bobbi Brown and Chanel, I also noticed that when using Tom Ford Bronzer brush, I do not need much product to ensure pigmented and well-blended application.

This is especially convenient with the more pigmented products, where it is easy to go overboard. Swirling the brush in the bronzer just once and then lightly swiping it across your face will give you a naturally looking blending and diffusion of the product. I think, this brush could also be used for powders and foundation, finishing and setting loose and compact powders as well, but since I have other Hakuhodo brushes that I normally use for that, I will keep the Bronzer Brush exclusively for applying a bronzer. I just started using is and did not notice any shedding, however, in my experience, the big shedding test will be after the first wash (I clean my brushes with Johnson’s Baby Wash, any kind that smells good, I prefer the lavender one). Overall, the quality, convenience of use, luxurious look and feel of this brush convinced me that this was a great purchase and I will continue adding more Tom Ford brushes to my brush collection.

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