Guerlain Meteorites Perle Des Neiges Holiday 2015

Guerlain’s Holiday 2015 Collection, named as “Winter Fairy Tale”, has hit the stores. As part of this collection, the traditional Limited Edition Meteorites Pearls come as Perle Des Neiges (Snow Pearls). Unlike other Limited Edition Meteorite pearls, this time one of the shades is shaped like a star. The Meteorites are beautifully packaged in a transparent plastic ball, which looks so much better as compare with the Summer 2015 Meteorites Perles De Blush that came in a cheap carton box.

These meteorites are a neutral finishing (setting) powder with subtle sparkles and the usual Guerlain Meteorites scent. If you plan to buy your Guerlain Meteorites Perle Des Neiges Holiday 2015 based only on the internet pictures, be prepared that you will get a box that will be half-full. This has been normally the case with all meteorite pearl powders, which nobody understands. The rest of the space in the box is taken by a puffer applicator, which again no one uses anyway, because everybody applies them with a brush. But the brand continues to add these useless applications inside the box, so that they could give us less Meteorites. This is what everybody normally complains about.

Other than that, these Limited Edition Meteorites are definitely beautiful and a collector item and if you are not planning to get the entire collection, but only one or a few items, this should definitely be one of them.

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