Cranberry Joy Lip Balm, The Body Shop

As part of the Festive Deluxe Cranberry Joy Gift Set, The Body Shop brought us the limited edition Cranberry Joy Lip Balm, which is nothing ordinary. The lightly tinted lip balm has a fresh fruity cranberry smell and delicate texture. The dome shape of the lip balm is very convenient, because thanks to it, you can apply it on your lips without sticking your finger in a jar. The generous size lip balm comes in a round plastic container with a transparent lid that twists to keep the contents secure inside.

I liked the fact that the Cranberry Joy Lip Balm was slightly tinted on application and provided good moisture to the lips. However, there is a downside: it dries out a faster than Korres lip butters or Clinique’s Chubby Stick lip moisturizers. So, you would need to reapply it more often than the other better quality lip balms. For that reason, I would not purchase it again, and especially so, if it were sold separately. As part of the set, it is an added value, but cannot stand out on its own merit.

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