Chanel Beauty Haul – Two Limited Edition Products and Amazing Packaging!

When shopping at Chanel online store, one can definitely feel very special. No matter what you order, several items, or just one small one, you will receive your purchase packed in a beautiful and classy looking white Chanel signature box that is a keepsake on its own. I love the way they pack your items, after all it is not only the quality of products that we are looking for when we shop, but a beautiful expensive packaging and exquisite shopping experience.

Chanel Beauty Haul

I ordered two amazing items from Chanel, the Limited Edition Powder Blush in 180 Caresse (reviewed separately) and also Limited Edition Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color in 227 Volage (reviewed separately). I also received two mini samples of Chanel skincare products packaged in a black drawstring signature pouch. The samples I got were: Le Lift Firming Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream and Le Lift Firming Anti-wrinkle Serum. Such a mini sample normally lasts me for a week, when using it twice as part of my morning and night time skin care routine, or approximately for 14 applications, which I believe, is a great value on its own. Many times when shopping in department stores for Chanel products, unless your purchase is really impressive, they do not give out any samples. I am sure, if I bought a nail color and a lipstick in a department store, I would not get even one sample with my purchase.

Chanel Beauty Haul

So, overall, I think, shopping at Chanel online store is a very pleasing and rewarding experience, as compared with shopping for Chanel beauty products elsewhere.

Chanel Beauty Haul

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