“Cannage Couture Collection” Make-up Palette, Christian Dior

Duty-free stores offer a variety of make-up palettes and perfumes from famous brands line Christail Dior, Lancome or Guerlain that are not available in US stores. For that reason, whenever in an airport, I am always excited to visit a duty-free store for some rare to find treasures. This time, one of my finds included this gorgeous Christian Dior day-to-night make-up palette, which includes almost everything you might need to create a glamorous holiday look. The Dior Cannage Couture Collection All Over Makeup Palette comes in a zipped patent leather-like case. The charming quilted stitched design, the classic Dior Cannage pattern, featured on the case has been inspired by the Dior’s so popular baguette bags. All Dior fans are familiar with the Cannage pattern, which the brand has been using in all of it’s travel-retail palettes. This time is comes in black vinyl. The palette also has a convenient size, pretty large mirror and a handy “how-to-use” booklet showing and describing ways how to use and combine the product presented in the palette. Although, I am comfortable to start using any palette without any instructions and tips, I find these booklet (which a lot of brands include with their make-up palettes) very interesting and helpful. There are so many ways to apply colors and so many looks to create, why not take into consideration possibly new ideas these booklets provide?

The palette offers two sets of eye-shadow trios for eyes and lipstick and gloss duos, where one set is designed for daytime looks and one to be used as brighter and bolder evening make-up. All eye-shades are shimmer eye-shadows in beautiful rose and nude tones, which makes them perfect both for everyday use and special occasions. Also, the evening lip-gloss and lipstick duo has some shimmer in it too. The thin middle layer of the powder/blush is shimmery as well. So, in total, the Cannage Couture Collection travel palette features 6 eye shadows, 4 lip colors (lipsticks and glosses), a mini Diorshow Extase mascara, a tri-shaded Face Powder/Blush and all the relevant applicators. The only downside of the palette are the quality of the brushes and applicators, but I am used to not expect much from any included with palettes applicators and always use my Chanel and Hakuhodo brushes to achieve perfect results.

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