BAREMINERALS 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Original Foundation Kit

Today I got my BareMinerals 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Original Foundation Kit. To be honest, I have never tried a bareminerals foundation before and when I got a note from Sephora about the collector’s edition of the iconic foundation, I thought the time came to give it a try. And even if I did not like it, I got to keep the 20th anniversary collector’s edition kit anyway. First of all, the packaging is so beautiful, that I will probably keep it for a while before discarding it. Inside the box covered in silver shimmer, there is a 0.28 oz jar of Bereminerals Original Foundation and a special edition Finish Brush. The design on top of the lid resembles precious diamonds, although all are done in plastic, not even a glass. The quality of the foundation jar, finish brush and packaging is very good.

The brush also deserves special mentioning. It looks and feels luxuriously soft. This extra-large Beautiful Finish Brush is extra-large and easy to hold, making the application especially comfortable. The soft dense synthetic bristles ensure fast, even, and controlled coverage making the application effortlessly fast. The uniquely engineered convex center, as well as waved synthetic are not just part of a beautiful design, but allow the fibers to hold powder like a sponge holds water. It also allows to deposits more product with less effort. When I swirled the brush in the foundation lid, I also noticed that its skirted silhouette is a perfect size to fit into the bareMinerals foundation lids allowing to capture and contain every mineral.

Bareminerals 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition Original Foundation Kit

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