Phyto Huile Soyeuse and Secret De Nuit Hair Set

I am not a particular fan of Phyto products. I’ve tried their shampoos and conditioners before and the products were good, but not really impressive to make me add them to my permanent hair care routine. However, since Sephora was offering a very promising set, Phyto Huile Soyeuse and Secret De Nuit Hair Set, as part of its after holiday sale, I have decided that I should give it a try. This essential lightweight hydration kit included two products that have been customized for fine and dry hair.

The two products are designed to help to restore the shine and luster and natural moisture balance. I’ve been using these two products to prepare my hair for thermal exposure. I normally use a styling brush or a styling iron and always need to make sure that I apply thermal protecting products to my hair before exposing it to the heated styling tools. The Huile Soyeuse (Soy Oil) proved to be a perfect pre-thermal or finishing agent, while the Secret De Nuit is an excellent restorative hair treatment that you are supposed to leave on your hair overnight in order to nourish and hydrate hair.

The HUILE SOYEUSE (SOY OIL) is a lightweight hydrating oil, a must have for dry and fine hair. It combines the lightness of of a cream and the potency of an oil. While providing intense hydration and protection, it softens and detangles hair, ensuring that a healthy looking, airy and free- flowing hair. Made with 98% of natural ingredients, such as Calendula oil, rosemary oil and mallow extract, it has a pleasant, delicate and not overpowering scent.

Phyto Huile Soyeuse and Secret De Nuit Hair Set

The SECRET DE NUIT is an intense hydration and regenerating night cream, designed for all hair types. It works while you sleep by regenerating the hair fiber deep down, while ensuring 8 hours of non-stop hydration, nourishment and repair. It also protects from free radicals and oxidation. The impressive list of ingredients include: Macadamia oil, black grape extract, black orchid extract, and milk thistle extraction. When using it overnight, I suggest wearing a shower cap on top of your hair, so that your pillow would not get messy with all that oil.

Both products have a pleasant scent. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would consider buying them again. The only downside is that they come in glass bottles, which could mean a disaster if they fall on the bathroom floor.

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