Yankee Candle, Simply Home, Sunlit Meadow

Yankee Candle store at the outlets or your local HomeGoods store are the two best places to stock up on Yankee Candles at the attractive prices. Most of the time you can buy Yankee Candles there at more than 50% off retail price. Of course, Yankee Candle shop offers a greater variety of candles compared to HomeGoods, which carries pretty much a seasonal stock, for instance, you can buy rose scented candles there only during spring and summer months, while cinnamon scented ones only during fall and winter. Also, Yankee Candle store at the outlets offer an array of accessories, which cannot be found at HomeGoods.

One of my most favorite purchases at the Yankee Candle store was the “Sunlit Meadow” candle, a 19 oz (538g) jar which comes with a lid. Also, I got a maple leaf tray, which is perfect for this type of candles, and which is such a pretty accessory to display almost all year around. The “Sunlit Meadow” candle is part of Yankee Candle “Simply Home” line of products and has an amazing fresh, grassy, airy smell. I have been using it a lot this fall and cannot say that it is designed specifically for summer time. I think the scent is to delicately classy that it can be used any season.

The large size of the candles allows me to enjoy it for many hours, so I tend to change between 3 or 4 different candles, in order no to get vary of any particular scent and have a fresh scent experience all the time. I simply store them in a cabinet and change a candle on the tray depending on my mood. Having tried different brands and candles, I came to the conclusion that Yankee Candles are the most long lasting and perfectly scented candles out there today, which makes it one of my most favorite candle brands, of not the most favorite, today.

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