Ribbonwick Candles, Sweet Peony Candle

Loving this new candle recently purchased at HomeGoods. The Ribbonwick Candles Sweet Peony Candle is one of the 12 sophisticated fragrances offered as part of the Ribbonwick Decor Glass Collection. Blending together style and function, Ribbonwick has reinvented candlelight with a new patent-pending, flowing wick design. Unlike any other candle that exist out there, the Candlewick candle produces a hypnotic flame that dances across a pool of Sweet Peony scented wax, creating a unique ambiance and radiant light that no other candle can match.

Peony is one of my most favorite scents in candles and perfumes alike, which made a discovery of this particular, very unusual candle even more special. The heavy square glass jar looks nice on a coffee table or bedside table both when the candle is burning or when it is not being used and is just standing there. Thanks to its bright red color this candle could make a great addition to your holiday home decor, even though it does not have a scent of traditional holiday candles that mostly smell like mint, cinnamon, clove or pine, which I never favor and buy.

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