New Make-up Brush Holder from HomeGoods

I was looking for a new make-up brush holder to match the new updated look of my vanity space. Most of the suggestions included simple square glass vases that can be purchased anywhere from IKEA to 99 cent stores. However, I wanted something more unique and elegant looking. So, I waited and waited putting up with the inconvenience of keeping my brushes inside the ALEX make-up chest from IKEA.

Finally, yesterday when I was shopping at HomeGoods store, a real treasure shrine, I came across my make-up brush holder, that was lonely waiting for me on one of the cluttered shelves. The moment I saw it, I thought about getting the second one, to use it as my pencil holder, but could not find any. I will probably try to check the store next week, to see if I can get hold of another one of these.

It is a square mercury glass vase, but the mercury glass has an unusual pattern that resembles splashes of ink, paint or water. I think, it is unusual, because most of the mercury glass patterns that I came across with resemble a cracked glass. Also, I find the waffle pattern on the glass is quite attractive.

I did not get the acrylic bead vase fillers yet, so, for now I am using rice instead.

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