Trick or Treat! Halloween 2013 Candy Assortment

The month of October came and most grocery store put out their best candy assortment ready packaged for Trick or treating in bulk bags. Orange, black, brown, and yellow – the colors of the fall are also Halloween colors and candy is not an exception. But Halloween is also very eccentric with its different shades of neon. This is the best season for all kinds of candy, in all kinds of varieties and combinations, as well as limited edition Halloween candy treats.

Halloween Candy Assortment

For those of us who are so spoiled with the great selection of regular candy types, such stores as HomeGoods are the best place to shop, since the candy variety offered there is less common and sometimes is quite unique. So, here’s the Halloween candy assortment that I was able to treasure hunt this week. Unlike grocery store candy sold in bulk, these sweet little treats are only for you and your special ones to enjoy.

Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers Gummi Candy Corn

These beautiful candy corns are made out of gummies sprinkled with sugar. Beautiful semi-transparent gourmet gummy corns are substantial in size, made of three color jelly and taste like honey with a hint of citrus. They come in an 8oz (226g) gift-ready package, which is great to present as a gift or to keep it on your desk as an attractive indulgence. My absolute favorite this Halloween season, these Gummi Candy Corns are getting my 10 out 10 stars.

Williams and Bennett Belgian Chocolate Drenched Oreo Sandwiches

This is a set of 6 individually wrapped Oreo cookie biscuit sandwiches covered in Belgian chocolate. Each cookie is wrapped in a foil and looks very festive in a gift ready box fastened with a silver bow. I am not a big fan of classic Oreo cookie sandwiches, however covered with a substantial layer of Belgian chocolate with hint of hazelnut, these cookies give regular Oreo cookie a gourmet twist. The cookies are getting my 10 out of 10 stars. I am glad that I got only 12 of them, since they are dangerously addictive!

Monster Mercantile Gummi Ghosts

The neon colored Gummi Ghosts are fun both for kids and adults. They come beautifully packaged in 8oz (226g) plastic bags tied with white silk ribbons. These gourmet ghosts can make great sweet gifts without looking cheap or chiche. They have a citrusy smell/taste of a chewing gum and are made of two layers of jelly, semi-transparent and opaque. For their unique color and presentation, I am giving these Gummi Ghosts my 10 out of 10 stars.

Happy Sweet Halloween to all!

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