Italian Almond Cookies from HomeGoods

The HomeGoods store offers a very interesting selection of food items, a lot of which are rare to find international gourmet food and condiments. For instance, the Italian almond cookies that I purchased to accompany my morning coffee rituals, can be found only in a few Italian specialty stores and even then at a much higher price point than offered by HomeGoods.

The Amaretti Virginia soft almond cookies are sure to make your morning! Starting with a charming presentation, being packaged in big tin featuring retro glamour prints, to the multicolor individual paper wrappers, and mouthwatering taste, these cookies are a real find. And the tins are a beautiful multi-usable storage that will decorate your pantry and bring a retro charm to your shelves.

I did some research and found out that Virginia is an Italian brand with a long history that goes back to 1860s. The brand is now synonymous in Italy and all over the world with quality and refinement in the art of making desserts and pastries. And most interesting fact is that the brand has acquired a worldwide recognition for its soft “Amaretti” or almond cookies. Todays, Virginia brand product range includes a broad line of exquisite and elegant specialties, among which there is a line of small-sized individually wrapped sweets that are ideal to be savored along with your espresso and cappuccino.

The oven that once produced these delicious Amaretti biscuits soon became a gathering place for town dwellers and tourists of Sassello, a small town in the heart of the Ligurian region. The square that is overlooking it is referred to in postcards of the time-period as the “Piazza degli Amaretti Virginia” or “Square of the Virginia Amaretti”. Scented, with a hearty and tender almond pastry, the Virginia Amaretti has been an appreciated favorite in the circles of the most prominent International Exhibitions for many decades.

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