Vanilla Bean Noel Holiday Line, Bath and Body Works

Vanilla Bean Noel product line from Bath and Body Works has become one of my body care favorites this Holiday season. Let me tell you that I was not a big fan of the Bath and Body Works Holiday lines, after I had an unpleasant experience with their Holiday limited edition line, called Twisted Peppermint. The whole concept behind this line is wrong. If you are supposed to use it during cold Holiday/Winter season, then I don’t understand the cool menthol effect of this product against the skin. This was especially weird when you want to feel warm and cozy after taking a shower during cold season. Nobody wants to feel the chill of the menthol that feels like you turned on your AC on high in your bathroom. I was disappointed in both Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel and Body Lotion and did not try other Bath and Body Works Holiday limited edition lines since then.

Vanilla Bean Noel, Bath & Body Works

Lured by a deep sale discounts into Bath and Body Works Outlet store, I went through the bins of festive looking shiny labeled Holiday merchandise and smelled and tried several products, of which to my most pleasant surprise, I loved the Vanilla Bean Noel and Marshmallow Kiss lines most of all. The Vanilla Bean Noel line offered a great variety of products that smelled like Creme Brulee, which makes it a cheaper alternative to Laura Mercier Creme Brulee line, which I am a big and long time fan of. Unfortunately, I was able to get hold of only three products from the Vanilla Bean Noel line, the Lip Gloss, the Shower Gel and the Body Lotion, because other products were sold out. I wish I could also have the Fragrance Mist and the Candle. Well, I will continue enjoying the three products I have until the next holiday season and then try some more from this yummy line.

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