Fresh Sparkling Snow Hand Cream, Bath and Body Works

Limited edition Holiday lines of products from Bath and Body Works are always fun to discover. One of them, Fresh Sparkling Snow, is a line that got my mixed feelings. It is said to be made from an exclusive blend of moisturizing honey, coconut milk and olive fruit extracts, this hand cream helps to nourish and soften skin, leaving hands soft and lightly scented with a festive fragrance. The Fresh Sparkling Show scent is a sparkling blend of snow-covered pine, musk and moss. I ordered this product online, since both the product name and the label suggested a fresh airy scent inspired by the freshness of snow.

When I first got this product and first used it on my hands, I was repelled by the scent. Nothing like I expected, this scent seemed so weird. I did not know what to make out of it. Quite synthetic and strong, it did not resemble anything. The quality of the hand cream was great though, so, considering that is came in a small size (2 fl oz (59ml)) and the corresponding fact that I would not be stuck with it forever after all, I decided to give it a mild use. After using it several times, I noticed that 10 minutes after application, the scent became lighter and transformed into that airy and fresh smell that somewhat resembled the airy scent of fresh snow. My conclusion: I made peace with this product and will continue to use it until it is finished, but I would never buy it again, even if I see it on a deep sale.

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