French Lilac Product Line from Pacifica

What could be a more perfect fragrance for the spring than fun, fresh and fantastic lilac in its pure form? The French Lilac line of products from Pacifica includes several amazing coordinating products designed to fill your surroundings with the scent of spring awakening, the precious and innocent French Lilac. It is classy, sexy, easy to wear and lovely to layer over your favorite fragrances. The French Lilac line from Pacifica includes: Spray Perfume, 1 fl oz, Perfume Roll-On, .33 fl oz, Solid Perfume, .33oz, Body Butter Tube, 8 oz, Body Wash, 8 oz, 6 oz Natural Soap, Deluxe Edition Soy Candle 7.5 OZ, Deluxe Edition Reed Diffuser, Soy Candle, 3oz, Soy Candle, 5.5 oz, Soy Candle, 10 oz, Pillar Candle 2×3, 3×3, and 3×6, Votive Six Pack, and Reed Diffuser.

French Lilac Pacifica

When creating its 100% vegan products, Pacifica brand uses signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils, which are always phthalate free.The French Lilac line has been perfumed in a traditional French style and has a distinctive dominating fresh lilac scent that conjures spring. The other subtle and almost hardly recognizable, but yet very precious notes blended with Lilac are: Magnolia Leaves, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang, Hyacinth and subtle notes of Nectarine. The products also include natural and essential oils, such as ylang ylang, oakmoss and heliotrope. If you are looking for classic lilac in its purest form of expression, then this fragrance line is definitely worth checking out.

French Lilac Pacifica

I did not get the entire line, but several products that will fill my Spring time with unforgetable olfactory experience. The French Lilac products that I got are:

Spray Perfume, 1 fl oz (The bottle is rather small, so you can use it as a purse spray, so no need to get Perfume Roll-On)

Solid Perfume, .33oz (Normally, I am not a solid perfume fan, and prefer to buy perfumes in a spray from, but for such a classy scent like French Lilac, I thought the old fashion looking tin of solid perfume was just as appropriate and logical buy as the ageless scent itself)

Body Butter Tube, 8 oz (This body butter it perfect if you decide to layer your French Lilac scent, just use another perfume along to create a perfectly enigmatic olfactory aura)

Deluxe Edition Reed Diffuser (I chose it over regular Reed Diffuser simply because the white bottle looked beautiful and unique; I enjoy having it on my dresser).

French Lilac Pacifica

French Lilac Pacifica

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