Brazil Nut Body Butter, The Body Shop

Everybody loves The Body Shop body butters for their rich texture and moisturizing power and a great variety of scents designed to satisfy almost all different tastes. The Brazil Nut Body Butter is all what you can expect from The Body Shop body butter. You can test the thickness of its texture by opening the jar and turning it upside down – I have not detected any product movement. Rich and creamy, it also has a very pleasant nutty-chocolaty-caramel smell that is very pleasant, but not overpowering. After application, the aroma stays with you for one or two hours, which could be a turn off for those who prefer body creams with a longer lasting scents. For those, however, who do not favor strong perfume scented products, this body butter is perfect. The attractive price of $12.00 (a sale price after 40% discount) for a 6.9 oz jar makes this body moisturizer one of the number one choice for everyday use.

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