Best of L’Occitane Travel Collection

Just in time for the Holidays, the Best of L’Occitane Travel Collection is a very nice way to try different brand products by not spending too much. Perfect for gift giving the collection 6 products comes beautifully packaged in a zipper make-up pouch. Inside, wrapped in a gold tissue paper, you will find some of L’Occitane’s most popular products, some of which are included in a tiny, sample size, and some are offered in a more generous, fashion, size. The selection is a mix of skin, body and hand care items designed to provide a full pampering experience, no matter where you are, traveling, in the gym or just trying products for fun.

Best of L'Occitane Travel Collection

Included in the Best of L’Occitane Travel Collection are the following products:

  • 1. Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam 1.7 fl.oz – fashion size; big enough for 1 or 2 month use. This product is part of one of L’Occitane’s most popular anti-aging product lines.
  • 2. Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk 2.5 fl.oz – decent fashion size; enough for a one week use while on vacation.
  • 3. Lavender Foaming Bath 3.4 fl.oz – decent fashion size; enough for 2-3 baths; also, it could be also used as a shower gel, in that case, there’s enough product to use for 1 week on vacation. L’Occitane’s Lavender line has already become classic.
  • 4. Almond Shower Oil 1.18 fl.oz – tiny sample size; L’Occitane, you could have done better including a bigger size bottle.
  • 5. Almond Delicious Hands 0.3 .oz – tiny sample size; the full size hand cream is not big anyway, but again, they could have included a little bigger size tube.
  • 6. Shea Butter Hand Cream 0.3 .oz – same thing here… tiny sample size; a little bigger size tube would be more appropriate in the set, for which you pay money.

Best of L'Occitane Travel Collection

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